Female – Another gender

Last night I was coming back from my jamming session through a metro train from Rajiv Chowk. It was ten in the night and I was tired like anything. To make my peace with the heavy electric guitar and processor that I was carrying, I took one of those seats that are reserved for ladies. When train stopped at the next station, two girls in their twenties came and asked me to get up as it was “their seat”. “Ladies” was written in big bold letters above that seat, and there was no point of bargaining. I took a corner to stand with my stuff as I overheard them talking about woman equality and empowerment. And then I heard this announcement – Please vacate seats for Handicapped, old aged, and ladies. It wasn’t new for me, but Really? This wasn’t an act of empowerment. It rather was a sign of how weak they are, and how they choose to be like this.

I’ve known many girls who could have achieved a lot in their lives, but didn’t. And then they always have someone to hold responsible for their fate – their boyfriends, their families, their in-laws, or their children. The age from 20 to 30 years is the most energetic and enthusiastic time period of any human being, when you’re strong enough to go through the toughest time to make the best of yourself. Unfortunately I’ve seen many girls spending a lot of this precious time in dealing with their relationship issues. If your man doesn’t have the balls to feel proud for your success, you should throw him out of your life. But if you’re choosing to leave your career for him, you’re not an individual anymore. You’re weak. And when you find nothing in your life without your boy-friend, you should realize that you’re no more in love. You’re dependent.


There’s this girl – Sneha Khanwalkar, whose work has always been inspiring to me. While doing MTv’s popular show ‘Sound Trippin’ she’d go to all small and big towns in India and spend months there with street musicians, local residents, radio stations, etc to get the taste of its folk. While composing for Gangs of Wasseypur, she went on and off to Darbhanga, Patna, Muzaffarpur to make the right music for the movie which was based on Bihar. It took her two years to complete this project which won many accolades and got nominated for many awards as well. And she did all this by herself. I am pretty sure she’d achieve none of this if she needed a boy-friend to accompany in all her tours.

I mean no disrespect to anyone. I just felt bad as few females, very close to me, who dreamed of doing something big in college, are now falling victims of their own emotions. I’ve always percieved female as just another gender, and equal to male in all aspects of life. Equality can be granted but power is in your will. If you’re willing to be powerful enough to bear standing for two hours journey in a metro, you won’t need to ask for reservation of seats. If you’re willing to be independent to achieve something in life, you won’t need a boy-friend to accompany you through your struggle.

One thought on “Female – Another gender

  1. true .girls should not take everthing for granted.if they require help then they should take it.donot be used to it. i have seen girls who are very active .you can take example of chanda kocchar,kiran bedi ,etc . try to be in the top positions .we require more women there .


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