A Weekend At The Outlandish

So for those who don’t know, Outlandish is three day Arts and Music festival (Oct 3, 2014 to Oct 5, 2014) organized, this time, in McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh. 20 Bands and DJ’s from all over the country would perform here, including the famous Indian Band Parikrama.  The festival is already going on since two days, and we’re supposed to get on the stage today evening, on the last day of the festival. For us it started on Oct 3rd evening, when the traveller bus came to pick us up from Delhi. A ten-seater air conditioned bus, after a 14 hour journey dropped us to a resort in Naddi Hill station Mcleodganj for our accommodation. We had two well furnished rooms of triple occupancy for our band. The food arrangements were also quite decent. The breakfast had Milk, juice, sandwiches, Parathas, Egg, and a lot of other regular stuff. There is no point in bragging about the food items, but I was glad as all the luxuries that I’ve otherwise enjoyed as a corporate were coming to the artist side of me for the first time. I couldn’t ask for more.

The festival brought almost all the genres of music together. Yesterday the first band was a DJ electronic band that performed some Bollywood songs in their own DJ style. Then there was an individual artist from Tibet, who managed to gather a lot of crowd near the stage with his humorous originals. Then a Death Metal Band from Mumbai who’s all members sounded good individually, but since I really can’t understand death metal music, I have got nothing as such to write about them. Next was a thrash metal Band from New Delhi with only 3 members, and I won’t be flaunting if I compare the playing style of its guitarist to that of John Petrucci’s (Dream Theater). The last was a Punjabi Folk band from Punjab – the only band so far with a female vocalist, who was as pretty on stage as her voice was. This band brought a lot of fresh and experimental, original and fresh stuff. The night ended with DJ, and a lot of Booze.

Today it is our turn and we just finished our sound check. Had I written this piece after the performance, I’d have probably had more content and experience to share. Now there are a lot of possibilities for our show; it might go fiasco, or we might end up making the best of ourselves and get a good number of fans. But for me, the effort that we put together counts more. Result always depends on a lot of other factors, that we don’t have a control on, but effort doesn’t. I’m happy and satisfied for our effort and hard work irrespective of the outcome.

Had this band – Chaar Hazaari not found me, I wouldn’t even get an opportunity to be a part of a festival this big. I write this piece before our performance as a mark of Thanks to the band.


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