That’s how it started…

I was born and brought up in Kanpur city from UP. My education took place at ‘Subhash Public School’. Well my friends have always found it funny – “This guy did his schooling from SUBHASH PUBLIC SCHOOL – hahaha”. Till my intermediate I just knew that singing is one of my interests, as there was absolutely no exposure to other activities. I remember when I used to sing at any family function (yeah that was the only stage where I could showcase my talent) all my relatives would ask; “Are wo gavaiya or gane wala ladka kaun hai?” They’d call me and ask me; “Acha gate ho. Padhai-vadhai bhi kiya karo nahi to 10 saal baad Maata-ki-chowki me gaate nazar aaoge!” There was absolutely no appreciation or motivation from family or friends to pursue any interest. It was only after I came to college that I picked up a real Guitar and that too after my first year.

And as soon as I was able to play some chords, few friends came up with the idea (everyone who even just holds a guitar in his college tries of doing this) of forming a band. Without giving a second thought I bought an electric Guitar and an amp. I tried with the band for almost two-and-a-half years but never made it to the stage of any event or concert whatsoever. I never really understood the reason. Some said it was our bad-coordination, some said it was college politics, wrong choice of members, blaa blaa! The semi-annual rock concert of college – Rattle and Hum finally gave us a green signal in the auditions for the show. It was our first time on stage and almost the end of our college life. The excitement was at its peak. We were the last to go. But as soon as the second last band ended, they announced that the show is over and everybody left the auditorium. I and my band-members were standing with our instruments right at the door, and they all left. That was the worst day of my college life. My band finally broke up that day. Immature, I was about to give up on Music.

A week later Anup called me up and said that he was planning to make a theme song for our annual cultural festival – Sparsh. “It is our last Sparsh and I want us to make something to be remembered by. You always keep making tunes and writing poems. Why don’t you try something for this idea?” My confidence was at its dip. But I tried four lines. The next day he called me to the CHRD room where all the committee wanted to listen to the song. When I reached there, I read “Really? A song for the college fest now; you loser?” on their faces. I put in all I had and sung it with a Guitar. I wasn’t just finished and I heard a voice, ‘Could you please sing it again, from the beginning?’ My eyes were closed, and I went on to play it again. When I opened my eyes, all of them had their mobile phones in their hands, some recording the audio, some the video. And then there was an applause, and some mixed voices; “Awesome tune man!” “The tune is really catchy and soothing!” “Great job!” and some harmonical voices trying to hum its tune.

It just took me 10 minutes to walk from the CHRD room to my hostel. I heard the audio playing on many cell-phones, and some more compliments at the hostel-mess. The four-lines I made were already mailed to a lot of people of my batch. Then recording it was another challenge as we didn’t have the money to afford a studio. All we knew was, “Karna to hai chahe jo ho jaye bc!” Anup downloaded Adobe Audition – recording software for beginners and started learning it. We started all fresh and took a month to get done with the recording, while composing it just took us two weeks. Then we went on to release it on and promote it through Facebook. Within a day or two, all students and faculty of my college started recognizing me, and all the failures during past three and a half years of college were brought to justice. And I finally realized that there is so much more that I can explore and do.

My first ever recorded song is still one of my best compositions. It is as fresh as it was three years back. Every time I listen to it, a smile comes running on my lips with a flashback of the best journey of my life so far. I am sharing the audio. Do listen and leave your feedback.

One thought on “That’s how it started…

  1. as always great touching composition u expressed what u lived in 4 years through this song , keep going my wishes r with u all d best always


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