Machine Engaged! :)

To start with, I had no reason to choose this picture of yours for this article, except when I was scrolling through your display pictures on your facebook profile, I found that this one had highest number of likes. Well, jokes apart, I still wonder how could this pic be the one? Well, as they say, God always keeps a balance with everyone. And so here you are, with the brilliance of looks that God can bless anyone with, getting engaged before every one of us! Sitting alone in my room just makes me remember how all of us used to get together in our room and talk till late night, and then talk more. The talking never ended. Being the only Gujju Guy in our group, we kind of knew that you’d be the first one to get married. And here you are taking your first step.

This journey with you started at the end of our first year of college. Being dumped by our previous room-mates, we decided to become room-mate for our next year (yeah it was a big thing back then :P) Every evening Anupam and Sumitabh would hop in and the fun would begin, and go on until we realize there’s a risk of more than two classes in the morning. These two bastards would mostly never miss any lecture, while you and I would mostly never make it to any lecture in the first half. After 12’o clock in the noon, either of us would wake up and bang on the door of the other, only to realize that the chances of a ‘suppli’ (supplementary exam) due to shortage of attendance are getting higher every day. Third year was mostly taken over by finding the direction of our clueless lives. Some started preparing for CAT and some for GATE. Well, at least for once we went out of the box to go for designing course instead, although I can’t even recall the name of the software that we learned there. And then it was final year – the best part of the journey. That’s when Kaushal, who spent his three years trying to CRACK THE CAT, and Dinesh, who spent three years at a corner of his room sketching, painting and crafting, and then locking all his work in his almirah, actually joined.

A considerable part of my final year was spent in chatting with this girl online – who was apparently hired by the same company that hired me. Every evening I’d sit in my room, chat with her and make plans for living together. And then every night I’d brag about this and you’d beat me like hell, showing how jealous you are, and I’d feel proud of myself; only to know that it was a fake id made by you. And that too in the convocation! You’d do all the stupid romantic chatting from your room, which was few doors away from mine, then come to my room to beat me up, and then go back to your room to chat again. I so hate you for that. If only marriages would take place on facebook, I wish I’d pop-out of your girl’s id just a moment before you say ‘I do’, and scream – that’s my fake id, bitch!

You’re the one person who’s taught me the best lessons of my life. I remember you once said – “Start laughing at your failures!” It has changed my life entirely because every time I fail, I actually laugh at it and then move on. “Ravaliya’s engagement” was the one subject that we talked about the most, and the one event that we looked forward to the most. And now that it’s finally happening, none of us is able to attend it. I hate myself for not being able to make it to your engagement. I know you’d say “Chalta hai, Zindagi hai!” And I’d want to punch you for not being angry. But dear roomy, I wish you all the very best for this chapter of your life. Happy Engagement!

I can’t help sharing this instrumental piece that I made for all of us, a piece that still sends goose-bumps down my spine, a piece that is a complete journey in itself.

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