The dual life…

It’s difficult to live dual life. As they say that when you toss a coin, you can never get both heads and tails at once chance. Well life also is just one chance, isn’t it? Although I’ve been battling hard to do justice to both sides of my life! The first side of my life is a corporate from 8 am to 5 pm. This side of me sits in front of a desktop for 9 hours a day and makes presentations for his company. The other side is a musician that becomes active after 5 pm in the evening, and does live shows, studio recordings, jamming sessions, and a lot more. This side, however, doesn’t quite end at a fixed time like the former one.

The days of struggle of any artist are really tough. Giving up all the pleasures of this materialistic world and pursuing just your dream needs a lot of courage; and then sometimes you just feel like giving up. Today was one of those moments for me. I had a late night show in south Delhi that got over at 12 30 in the night. Metro was already not an option. A lift from a friend till Akshardham temple, an auto-rickshaw to Anand-vihar border, and then another auto-rickshaw to my home place in Vaishali finally got me back home at 2 am. While serving food I realized that some part of my daily struggle was still left, and I wished, for a moment, I could give up. I wished I could just let everything go to hell and sleep all night and wake up late. But when I actually woke up at 6 30 after sleeping at 3 am, it seemed to be pretty easy as there was a bunch of new things to look forward to.

Ever since I’ve actually started making a professional network in Music, I’ve come across a lot of people who are living dual lives and trying hard to switch full time into the second side; the one that gets active after their office. There’s no dearth of talent across the globe. In fact, sometimes I wonder there’s nothing new that one can come up with as everything that I could imagine already exists in one form or the other. No struggling musician knows what to do to earn name and fame. They just play their cards.

It has taken me months of networking to come across few people who seemed to be the right keys for my scale. Chanchal – the Marketing head of India’s leading electronics firm, who can play almost all the Indian percussions; Utkarsh – ‘just placed’ engineer’ and a brilliant keyboardist; Bhavya – a political science student and an already renowned vocalist/guitarist of Delhi NCR, and Nitin – an MBA from an IIM, holding a 9 years degree in Indian Classical vocals and a 3 year degree in Carnatic Violin.

Five of us wanted to start a journey together, but weren’t sure enough where to put our first step. And then Utkarsh came up with this idea of a Mash-up. Well the idea of making a medley of two or more songs is not new, and not an ‘out-of-the-world’ idea to start with. But with the two songs that we’re mashing-up, we really hope we’d be at-least able to demarcate it with the general and usual medley stuff. It has taken us almost two months to finish this medley which is about to come on the internet soon. And I just can’t wait to see what difference it makes, or we make through it. I consider it my first step towards the second side of my life.

7 thoughts on “The dual life…

  1. I really admire your courage & highly confident about your dream coming true . I m sure you are at right direction with extra ordinary efforts together I hope we will achieve soon
    All d best always


  2. I really wish you name and fame… But above that I wish you better understanding about the music. I wish you all the best for your future adventures and wonderful journey! Glad you found people that match your scale! Dream on!


  3. i am watching your efforts daily for your work and passion…u should proud that u have so much talent..just look forward to yo passion and i know u will achieve it soon…all d best for your bright future…!!!!!!


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