The Meal – The Journey

One random day, while in college, a few of us friends went to this buffet place called Taste of India in Surat for dinner. I love cake. So, of course, I skipped all of the starters and the main course and fell on the dessert. I managed to make my way through only three of the four varieties of cake before I realised that I was full. For the next half an hour or so, I saw my friends having a wonderful meal with dessert at the end. And I just sat there rueing my decision to eat the cake first.

The night taught me a lesson: Never eat your dessert before your meal (especially when it’s a buffet). Of course I am going somewhere with this random example.

The thing is: we all keep making the same mistake with our lives every time.

What job should you choose – A or B?

A – because it is a big company and is paying more than the other one.

What project should you choose – A or B?

A – because it gives more on-site opportunities.

What instrument do you want to learn – Guitar or Sitar?

Guitar – because it looks cool when you’re performing on stage.

What would you choose as a career – Music or Engineering?

Engineering – because music doesn’t offer a safe and secured career.

We always choose our meals on the basis of the dessert. The dessert hides the shit. And in the end, life serves us some very bitter dessert, the taste of which, we may never get out of our mouths. We always forget that the journey is the best part of any venture. Our parents always tell us the story of their battles in life, about how they fought all the odds and became what they are. They never brag about the times when their life was all comfortable. They always brag about how they stepped out of their comfort zone to make certain things happen. But when it comes to us, they want us to be settled with a stable job and a happy marriage before we’re 25. They don’t realize that they’ll leave us with absolutely no stories to share with our younger generations! How can they take away the pleasure, the pride of telling our stories to our kids?

Things change when you start making money and believe me, you change when you start making a family. The weight of responsibilities will render you unrecognizable. There’s a struggling musician of yesterday who is a more-or-less successful sales manager today. He admires my courage for leaving a settled job for my passion. And then, he asks me not to share my story with his son because he doesn’t want him to become like me. Talk about contradictions!

There are people who can fight their parents, the society, caste and religion, and everyone else in the world to marry the person they love. But they can’t even think of taking a stand for the work they love! When you cannot be loyal to your passion, you’re not even loyal to yourself. How can you be loyal to your lover?

I have lived both sides of this coin, and I am proud of what I am now. I am sure that I’d at least make a good role-model for my kids (assuming I have some) and their friends. Your parents are role models for you. Make sure you pass the baton.

Well, this song is definitely not a continuation of the above, but because I share some music with everything I write, here is a medley we at The Joker’s Project recently made.

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